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PL1a Uniform Change – Tue 21 Apr

Cadets in proficiency level 1a will arrive for training on Tue 21 Apr in appropriate civilian dress. This change is due to the nature of the lesson content that evening.
Familiarization Flying – Flight Booking

Cadets interested in familiarization flying in ”The Moose” (604’s C172) can click the Flight Booking image on the left.
Parents Meeting – Tue 21 Apr

There is a parents meeting at Mewata Armoury on Tue 21 Apr @ 1900h in the Garrison Dining Room.

Minutes for the meeting on 17 Mar can be viewed here.
Emergency First Aid Training – Sun 26 Apr

A last minute opportunity has come up for five cadets to attend emergency first aid training on Sun 26 Apr. Those cadets interested must contact Lt Hunter as soon as possible to be loaded on the course. A standby waitlist is available, and one extra slot is likely to open but is not guarenteed.

Info Notice: http://604moose.ca/wp-content/uploads/Info-Notice-First-Aid-Training-rev-19-Apr-15.pdf

WestJet Hangar Tour – Tue 5 May

Cadets in proficiency level 1a will participate in a tour of the WestJet Hangar on Tue 5 May.

Info Notice: http://604moose.ca/wp-content/uploads/Info-Notice-WestJet-Tour-rev-8-Apr-15.pdf
Proficiency Level 4 Aviation Study Session – Sun 26 Apr

Cadets in proficiency level 4 are invited to attend an aviation study session at Mewata Armoury on Sun 26 Apr, 1830-2130h, in preparation for your combined aviation subjects exam. Attendance to the study session is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

Questions to CV Hecker.


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