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Congratulations – 24 Nov

Congrats to the following cadets on their promotions:

  • LAC Pan

  • Cpl Bjelanovic

  • FCpl Chan, J.

  • FCpl Godinez

  • FCpl Schram

  • FCpl Zhang, Z.

Congrats also to Hawk Flight for winning Top Flight and Cpl Siddiqui for winning Top Dressed Cadet.

MusiCon – 27-29 Nov

For those band members attending MusiCon, minor updates to the info notice effective 25 Nov.

Info Notice: http://604moose.ca/wp-content/uploads/Info-Notice-MusiCon-rev-25-Nov-15.pdf

Questions to Capt Vargyas.
604 T-Shirts & Sweaters

604’s Squadron Sponsoring Committee is placing an order for 604 Squadron t-shirts and sweaters. Adult and children’s sizes are available and you can test-fit on 3, 10 & 17 Nov at the Armoury.

Additional information (including order info and pricing) can be viewed on the flyer.

Questions to the SSC.
Familiarization Flying – Flight Booking

Cadets interested in familiarization flying in ”The Moose” (604’s C172) can click the Flight Booking image on the left.
Hawk Flight Night – 6 Dec

Hawk Flight cadets will be participating in a fun flight night on 6 Dec.

Info Notice: http://604moose.ca/wp-content/uploads/Info-Notice-Hawk-Flight-Night-6-Dec.pdf

Questions to OCdt Tran and/or FSgt Tang.
Zone Sports Competition – 5 Dec

The 604 Sports Team will be competing in the Lord Strathcona Trust Fund’s Zone Sports Competition on 5 Dec. Good Luck to the sports team as they battle against units of all three elements in the Calgary zone. 604 cadets are welcome to go and cheer on our team!

Info Notice: http://604moose.ca/wp-content/uploads/Info-Notice-2015-LSTF-Zones-Competition-rev-24-Nov.pdf

Questions to CV Thomas and/or Sgt Thomas.
Mess Dinner – 15 Dec

604 will be holding our annual Mess Dinner on Tue 15 Dec 15. It is still a mandatory cadet training evening, but seats/plates need to be reserved with a $20 deposit with the SSC (returned at the door).

Info Notice: http://604moose.ca/wp-content/uploads/Info-Notice-Mess-Dinner-rev-17-Nov-15.pdf

Questions through your flight chain of command.
HMCS Tecumseh Christmas Concert – 6 Dec

Hornet Flight (604 Band) will be participating in the HMCS Tecumseh Christmas Concert on 6 Dec at HMCS Tecumseh. 604 cadets and families are invited to support the band and take in additional performances from the bands of HMCS Tecumseh and RCSCC Undaunted.

More info on the concert (guests).

Info notice to follow for Hornet Flight.


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